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Über loratx

Dieses Wiki befindet sich noch im Aufbau. Weitere Infos folgen.

Parameter in der Kurzübersicht

Make iq file with lora encoded text and apply noise, dropouts and wrong bits for tests

 -b <bandwidth>      kHz 0:7.8 1:10.4 2:15.6 3:20.8 4:31.25 5:41.7 6:62.5 7:125 8:250 9:500 (7)
 -C                  send CRC
 -c <codingrate>     4..8 (5)
 -f <output-format>  u8 i16 f32 (u8)
 -g <gainfactor>     output level 0.0..1.0, with -f f32 more (1.0)
 -h                  this...
 -I                  implicit header on
 -i <infile>         text to send filename
 -j                  insert '3C FF 01' (hex) before text
 -N <hh>             Sync symbols, network-id in hex (12)
 -O <0..1>           optimize on off else automatic (-1)
 -o <outfile>        iq file name
 -p <chirps>         preample length (8)
 -r <samplerate>     iq sampelrate Hz (125000.0)
 -S <shift>          shift signal frequency inside iq-band (Hz) (0)
 -T <n> <pattern>    for FEC tests set n'th chirp to zero level (pattern=0)
                       or xor with <pattern> (decimal), may be repeatet
 -s <sf>             spread factor (6..12) (12)
 -v                  verbous
 -w <level>          add white noise
 -z <n>              add zero or noise chirps at end (0)