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fmrepeater -h

 Soundcard (oss) FM-Repeater with ctcss squelch, ctcss generator, filters,
 rogerbeep, beacon (wav file) and PTT (LPT, RS232, parport pins). Needs rx
 audio from 60Hz up (fsk out), same on tx if subtone needed.
 Use audio pipe from/to alsa, sdr ...

  -a <n>             retry <n> times to open sound input (every 50ms)
  -B <s> <s>         send wav every <s> if continous open else every <s>
  -b <s> <s> <Hz> <level>  rogerbeep <delay> <duration> <tone> <level>
  -C <level>         Clipp audio before lowpass (0..1)
  -d <filename>      dtmf on and send to file or pipe
  -E <s>             program exit after <s> squelch open (0)
  -e <s>             program exit after <s> squelch close (0)
  -f <n>             fill oss with quietness to repair underrun bug (0)
  -G <level>         input gain before audio processing (1.0) (use with limiter)
  -H <Hz>            highpass (filter out all subaudio band
  -h                 help
  -I <s>             send wav every <s> if continous closed
  -L <Hz>            lowpass (beware modulator from high audio frequencies
  -l <level>         limit audio level
  -N                 notch out received subtone to tx
  -o <filename>      oss devicename (/dev/dsp)
  -o <infilename>,<outfilename>       /dev/stdin,outpipe  (mknod outpipe p)
                       or in/out-pipe from SDR, afskmodem -D or alsa interface
  -o <infilename>,-  detect subtone, dtmf with no sound out
  -P <s>             PTT hold time (1)
  -p <devname> <pttbit>  pttport and bit to switch
                         * /dev/ttyXX for serial
                         * /dev/parport0 for parallel
                         * gpio for kernel gpio-interface
                         choose value for <pttbit>:
                         * tty: 0=RTS, 1=DTR
                         * parport: 0...7 / -0...-7 (inverted)
  -u                    close ptt-tty file between switch actions, may not work on USB tty
  -r <Hz>            adcrate (22050) (8000..96000) (filters tested with 22050)
  -S <level> <level> sqelch threshold <open> <close> (0.3 0.5)
                       more open: save stay close but needs exacter tone
                       more close: stable open but longer noise tail
  -T <Hz> <level>    tx subtone (67..254) (0.0..1.0) (0)
  -t <Hz>            rx subtone (67..254) (88.5)
  -v                 Verbous
  -W <soundfile> <s> <level>  play wav after <s> squelch close with <level> 0..1
                       wav type pcm 8/16bit 1/2chan any sampelrate, best as -r
repeater: ./repeater -r 22050 -o /dev/dsp -p /dev/ttyS0 0 -L 4000 -N -l 0.5 -t 88.5 -b 0.5 0.1 1500 0.2