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Dieses Tools wurde ursprünglich für die HamnetDB geschrieben. Es kann aber auch auf der Kommandozeile verwendet werden, wenn man es selbst nutzen möchte. Auf weitere Details gehen wir an dieser Stelle aber nicht ein, da der normale "User" eher keinen BEdarf an diesem Tool hat. Vertiefende Informationen gibt es direkt bei Chris OE5DXL.

Die grafische Oberfläche für dieses Tool kann unter unter Panorama gefunden werden.
Den Code für ebendiese findet sich unter

Übersicht der Parameter

panorama -h

 -A <m>                            Camera over ground or over NN [m] (10)
 -a <lat> <long> | [locator]       Camera position lat long (degrees) or qth locator
 -b <lat> <long> | [locator]       Pan to point lat long (degrees) or qth locator
 -C <N>                            write CSV line for every N'th column
 -c <filename>                     CSV file name
 -d <deg> <km>                     Relative to position a (alternativ to -b)
                                     km distance sight limit
 -D <r> <g> <b> <granularity>      Sand/Rock colour and granularity
 -e <degrees>                      Camera Elevation (degrees) (0.0)
                                     speed optimizer, surface contrast and dust calculation
                                     are able to handle only small elevations!
 -F <font>                         Font Size (1) 1: 6x10, 2: 8x14, 3: 10x20
 -f                                Flat screen else Curved projection area (needed at >=180deg sight)
 -G <meter> <meter>                Glazier/Snow altitude and fade out (3000 500)
 -g <gamma>                        Image Gamma 0.1..10 (2.2)
 -H <r> <g> <b>                    Heaven colour (50 70 300)
 -h                                this
 -I <filename> <filename>          Symbol Image File Name with, w/o wood, set before -P
 -i <filename>                     Image File Name
 -J <poi-hint>                     text appended to csv lines, set before -P, off with -J ,
 -K <filmcharacteristic>           compress sunlight/dust to fit in image brightness (4000) 0=linear
 -l <%> <%>                        fit image contrast to saturate % of all black/white pixels (0.1 0.1)
 -L <n> <n>                        limit contrast expansion black white (80 2000)
 -M <bytes>                        SRTM-Cache Limit (100000000)
 -m <meter>                        limit searching montain size in viewed area for speed on long distance (8900)
 -O                                POI File altitude is over ground not NN
 -o <m>                            min. POI altitude over ground (1)
                                     if given in POI file and higher use this
 -P [<r> <g> <b> [<transp>]] <filename>  optional icon colours (0..255) POI File Name
                                     repeat for more files
 -p <pathname>                     folder with /srtm1 /srtm3 /srtm30
 -Q <lat>                          for video enter raw latitude for squarish tree raster (defaul camera lat)
                                     camera altitude now over NN
 -r <refraction>                   0.0(vacuum)..1.0(earth is a disk) (0.13)
 -S <deg> <deg> | <date> <time>    Sun azimuth and elevation or utc: 20191231 115959
 -s <size>                         internal generated POI symbol size (5)
 -t <meter> <steep>                Tree size (30) lowered to 0 from 1000 to 2000m NN, 0 wood off
                                   steep=0 all rock, steep=5 rock if steeper (8) lowered to 0 from 1000 to 2000m NN, 0 wood off
 -u <meter>                        Urban area fade-in at pixel per meter, 0 urban off
 -v                                Say something
 -W <wavehigth> <wavelength> <flatness>  draw Water with waves (0.6) (1.0) (0.0), flatness 0 no filter, 0.99 very flat
                                     -0.99 make water on flat if no tagged srtm
 -w <degrees>                      Camera horizontal sight angle (degrees) (45.0)
 -x <size>                         Image size x (600)
 -y <size>                         Image size y (400)
 -z <factor>                       Vertical Zoom (for 360deg panorama) (1.0)


./panorama -p /opt/coverage -A 15 -a 47.308986 13.232819 -b 47.8739863084082 12.7276611328125 -z 1 -j -e -5 -F 1,1 -g 1 -o 5 -C 3 -l 0.1 2 -Z -x 650 -y 350 -w 50 -J h -I rftools/mk_w.png mk_w.png -O -P 255 0 0 240 hamnet.txt -r 0.25 -S 239.1 20 -W 0.7 2 0 -u 1 -t 30 8 8 -T 2500 1100 -G 2500 500 -V 1

erzeugt folgendes Bild:
Beispiel Panorama.png