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udphub -h

 -a                                route user-to-digi AND user-to-user
 -b <call>                         broadcast destination call
 -d <ms>                           dupefilter, in milliseconds intervall discard frames with same CRC
 -h                                this
 -I                                for new user: broadcast INPUT on
 -i <file>                         init routes from file
                                   0 no all ssid routing
 -l <time>                         minutes lifetime (default 1 week)
 -m <maxentries>                   else delete old entries (default 1000)
 -O                                for new user: broadcast OUTPUT on
 -p <userport>                     udp port for users
 -u <x.x.x.x:destport:listenport>  axudp to digi /listenport check ip
 -v                                verbous
 -V                                verbous + frames with Text
 -w <file>                         write user table to file (only if new entries and max. every 15s)

NOCALL-15 #comment
NOCALL-15 p #protected entry
NOCALL-15 p no data to this call except to digi port
b enable broadcast input
B enable broadcast output
A send all frames

Routing Table:
(-l) time old table entries will be purged except those from init file

Source: AX.25 Source Call or last Digi with H-bit makes table entry with call/ip/sourceport/date
        Exception: Protected entry updates Date only

Destinationcall: (call used for routing)
  First Digi with no H-bit, if not present, ax25 destination call is used

Broadcast: if user enabled to input broadcast and ax25-destination equals broadcast call

Destination: axudp ip/port

Routing: frame will be sent to if
  user enabled to get all data
  OR broadcast and user enabled to get broadcast
  OR destinationcall with ssid equals user
  OR destinationcall but not ssid fits to user in table
     if user is added from heard frames or vom init file with no ssid (-0 is with ssid)
  exception 1: data never sent (back) to ip/port where came from
  exception 2: data sent only one time to ip/port even if more destinationcalls share same ip/port
  exception 3: with not '-a' only data from digi port routes to destinationcall